Hyunjun Park

Hyunjun Park is a senior engineer of Samsung SDS in South Korea and a graduate student of SANE Lab in Korea University (Supervisor : Seungjoo Gabriel Kim). His daily job is pentesting a broad range of Samsung products including smart phone, smart TV, wearable devices, etc. He also serves as a main staff of Kimchicon Security Conference in South Korea. KR_Blog

Seungjoo Kim

Seungjoo (Gabriel) Kim is a professor of Graduate School of Information Security at Korea University from 2011. For the past 7 years he was an associate professor of Sungkyunkwan University and have 5 years of back ground of team leader of Cryptographic Technology Team and also IT Security Evaluation Team of KISA(Korea Internet & Security Agency). In addition to being a professor, he is positioning a director of CHAOS(Center for High-Assurance Operating Systems), a head of SANE(Security Analysis aNd Evaluation) Lab, an adviser of hacking club ‘CyKor(two-times champion of DEF CON CTF 2015 & 2018)’ of Korea University, and a founder/advisory director of an international security & hacking conference ‘SECUINSIDE’. SANE LAB

Yeongjin Jang

Yeongjin Jang is an assistant professor of Computer Science at Oregon State University. He hacks CPU, OS, iPhone, IoT devices, and anything that is operated by computers, and wish to make systems secure against the vulnerabilities discovered. He is a two-times champion of DEF CON CTF (DEFKOR and DEFKOR00T). Biography

Soyeon Kim

Soyeon Kim is a security researcher of Samsung SDS in South Korea. She mainly doing a security assessment of Samsung IoT products. She is interested in analyzing Android apps and IOS apps using Frida.